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FPGAXpose - FPGA Runtime Debug Tool - Windows
FPGAXpose_1_5_install.exe 16.7MB Download
README_1_5.TXT 4KB Download
Description:FPGAXpose Windows Installer
Release Date:28th November 2008
Version :1.5
FPGAXpose Device Files
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_spartan3.exe 13MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex2.exe 24MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex2pro.exe 55MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex2prox.exe 15MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex4fx.exe 63MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex4lx.exe 51MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex4sx.exe 27MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex5lx.exe 44MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex5lxt.exe 51MB Download
FPGAXpose_1_3_devices_virtex5sx.exe 41MB Download
Description:FPGAXpose Device Files. These files are not essential to using FPGAXpose, however they do enable you to use the ncd2ll command line tool to generate ".ll" files more quickly and give Block Rams useful names. The following devices are not supported by ncd2ll: xc2v6000, xc4vlx200, xc5vlx330, xc5vlx330t.
Release Date:17th December 2007
Version :1.3