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FPGAXpose - Fix Runtime Errors Faster

For Embedded Software Engineers, Firmware Engineers,
FPGA Developers and ASIC Prototypers

What is it?
FPGAXpose is an add-on to ChipScope Pro that saves you time.

What it Does?
FPGAXpose allows you to choose monitor signals at runtime without the need to re-run place and route.

How it Works?
FPGAXpose uses the Xilinx Capture and Readback technology. This is dedicated hardware built into Xilinx FPGAs that facilitates monitoring any register in the device.

Debugging FPGAs has a frustrating shortcoming, the monitor signals are chosen prior to place and route and the introduction of new signals requires a full place and route, or judicial use of the FPGA Editor, resulting in lengthy turnaround times. FPGAXpose is designed to alleviate this problem. By working with ChipScope Pro it allows an engineer to view signals for any register within the FPGA regardless of whether it was chosen as a ChipScope data signal.more...